Apples vs. Humans

We won’t let parasites near our apples.

So, why do we let parasites live on our skin?13256052_1084026118302129_2058208254514132739_n

Why The Scalp Is Like A Garden!

Say that you have a garden that is overrun by pests.

There are insects on your plants roots and in the soil, consuming all the nutrients, fertiliser and water you are feeding your plants, trying to make them healthy again.

Instead of these products getting into the soil, and your plants roots transferring the nutrients to where they need to go, the pests in the soil are getting to them first and consuming them. Your plants start to die.

So your hair and skin are like plants and the pests are Demodex mites. They need to live in a pest free environment to flourish.

It’s Highly Important To Seek ‪#‎Demodex‬ ‪#‎Mites‬ Treatment Prior To Any Other Treatment For Skin Issues. Hair Mites Cause Problems When They Soar Out Of Control!

Find more about Demodex mites here

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