Ungex Offers The Best Scalp Demodex Mites Treatment.

A Healthy Scalp Leads To A Healthy Hair! Ungex Offers The Best Scalp Demodex Mites Treatment.

Scalp Demodex Treatment
Unges Offers The Best Scalp Demodex Mites Treatment

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Double your profit and help people reduce Hair Loss with UNGEX!

Double your profit and help people reduce Hair Loss with UNGEX!
Ungex presents a revolutionary Herbal Solutions and Treatments + Ozone Therapy to help people who are suffering from hair loss. Our unique products can help eliminate Demodex mites, in order to help prevent hair loss since “Prevention Is Always More Effective Than Cure“.
At this moment, we are looking for the business partners such as: hair & beauty salons across the world.
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Reduce Hair Loss with 55% OFF & FREE Shipping to ANYWHERE!

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A hair follicle is a long narrow tube leading down from the skin surface to the root of the hair. Branching off the side of the hair follicle quite near the surface is a sebaceous gland that continually produces sebum, a fatty secretion to moisturize and protect the skin.
Hair Mites Ungex
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Demodex Hair Mites Life Cycle

How long is the life cycle of a hair mite?

There are five stages in their life cycle. After mating on the surface of the #skin, within 12 hours they go back under the skin and lay eggs, taking #bacteria with them and excreting wastes and secretions, laying 50 to 60 eggs inside the hair#follicles or #sebaceous glands while the eggs take two weeks to develop into#adults.

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Ungex Hotline Customer Service

Our treatment and technology help to clean excessive oil, dirt and chemical while it removed any food sources for hair mites on the scalp. Then, they will get starving and will keep unpleasant place for them.For more info, please call Our Hotline number today!1300221880 ————(MALAYSIA)
+65-92231332 ———-(SINGAPORE)
+86-755 86243687——(CHINA)
Free hair mites check up!Ungex Hair Mite Treatment

No hair mite, no hair loss!



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